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Design Printing Los Angeles, Your Green Partner®

Design Printing has been providing green and sustainable printing services since 1984 and believes that great work can be achieved while minimizing impact on our planet and saving natural resources. Going green is also smart business and cost-effective. Making smart decisions and executing them with efficiency are powerful aspects of our program.

What sets us apart is our ability to produce quickly, efficiently, and competitively while honoring our environmental commitments and in fact, regularly improving upon them. Design Printing provides complete green printing and packaging products and services. We have always been committed to our natural resources and maintained the highest standards with recycled paper stocks, the reduced waste of chemicals, direct to plate technology, and vegetable and water soluble inks. We have a strong in house recycling program to produce the best printing with the lowest environmental footprint.

Design Printing has been providing green and sustainable printing services with our presses since 1984 and believe that great work can be achieved while minimizing impact on our planet. Going green is also smart business. Design Printing has found that “Green Printing” is actually more cost-effective than you might think. Making smart decisions and executing them with efficiency are powerful aspects of our program. Environmental initiatives drive direct savings in energy and materials which increases productivity and customer satisfaction. With more efficient operations we are able to reduce the environmental impact associated with every aspect of our printing production. This allows us to offer our customers more value while consuming fewer natural resources.

Green Printing and Packaging Products

Design Printing, Your Green Partner® is an award-winning Los Angeles printer and we are experts on green, eco, sustainable, and recyclable printing and packaging. We have all of your green printing and packaging products covered including packaging boxes, sleeves, wraps, hang tags, labels, brochures, presentation folders, posters, signs, banners, clings, and more. Check out our Portfolio of printing products available to fit your business needs.

You Print One. We Plant One.

Design Printing is a PrintReleaf Partner - what that means is that printing clients can choose to have actual trees planted in actual forests to offset the paper use of their project. As the client, you can choose globally plant trees and keep track of them. We invite you to learn more about our PrintReleaf partnership.

Design Printing's Green Printing Mission

The mission of Design Printing, Your Green Partner® is to provide the highest quality printing products for businesses and individuals while meeting the highest possible standards for environmental awareness and responsibility. We do this in 5 ways:

    1. Prepress, Press & Postpress: our lean manufacturing focuses on efficiency; reducing waste & pollution.
    2. Direct-to-Plate Technology: cutting edge digital technology eliminates the need for plates & quantities required.
    3. Vegetable & Soy-based Inks: reduce VOCs & pollution and water-based for recycling.
    4. Green Paper Sourcing: our house paper stocks are FSC certified papers & use up to 100% post-consumer waste stocks.
    5. PrintReleaf Partner: plants actual trees to offset project paper use.

Green Printing FAQs

Can my business go green?

  • Nonprofit: mailers, auctions, invitations, posters, donations, reports
  • Real Estate: coroplast yard signs, posters, flyers, postcards, brochures
  • Restaurant & Food: table tents, stickers, clings, menus, packages, sleeves, boxes
  • Retail: banners, decals, hang tags, bags, packaging, boxes, shelf talkers
  • Entertainment: promotions, tickets, films, show, music, art, CD covers
  • Beauty & Fashion: tags, hanger, bags, boxes
  • Health Care: brochures, folders, decals, signs
  • Professional Services: brochures, stationery
  • Cannabis: packaging, sleeves, tags, boxes
  • Education: large format banners, signs, posters, floor decals, window clings, folders
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What can I print green?

Design Printing offers a fully array of green printing and packing options including:

  • Packaging: boxes, door hangers, tags, holders, mailers, shelf talkers, sleeves
  • Labels: decals, stickers, clings
  • Invitations: letterhead, postcards, stationery, brochures, folders, envelopes
  • Signs & Banners: posters, retractables, wraps, step and repeats
  • Catalogs: programs, tributes, auctions, lookbooks
  • Cards: game cards, playing cards, trading cards, tarot cards, business cards, notecards
  • Promotional Materials: annual reports, mailers, presentation folders, postcards
  • EDDM® & Direct Mail: flyers, postcards, mailers, envelopes
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How is Design Printing committed to green?

Design Printing is committed to our forests, environment and future. Some of the many ways in which we demonstrate our green initiatives include:

  • PrintReleaf Partner in reforestation: trees are planted in forests globally to offset paper & cardboard use in your printing project.
  • Green Business Certified Member: our processes and products have been audited by the Green Business program with the City of Los Angeles and we are green initiatives including HVAC, lighting, recycling and conservation practices are certified.
  • FSC certified paper used for house stock: access to recycled paper stocks up to 100% consumer waste.
  • Green Award: Design Printing received the Green Works Environmental Green Printer award.

We invite you to learn more about our Green Policy.

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How can Direct Mail and EDDM® be green?

  • Recycled paper stock
  • Vegetable & soy-based, water soluble inks
  • Low VOCs
  • Digital printing
  • Direct-to-plate printing
  • Certified Green printer
  • Low environmental impact
  • Recyclable EDDM® products
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Design Printing, your green partner®, is an award-winning Los Angeles printer specializing in green printing, packaging, multi-color offset, large format, signs and banners, digital, finishes, and binding. Excellent quality, customer service, with fast-turnaround and delivery including same day and next day turnaround.