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Design Printing produces first quality large format printing in Los Angeles including signs and banners, from small outdoor signs to oversize banners. Seamless, consistent imaging, color, and finishing assure your designs look great from small to oversize. When it comes to Large Format Printing, the range of possibilities is just as extensive.

Choosing the right large format printing solution doesn't have to be daunting. We're here to help! With a wide array of examples and options in applications and materials, coupled with an unflinching commitment to quality and service, Design Printing is your go-to solution for all large-format printing needs.

Whether it's a Coroplast Sign - Keep Safe Yard Signage, a Health Care Safety Signage, or even a complex project requiring different materials and formats, we're here to make your vision a reality.

We are proud to be one of the premier large format printers in Los Angeles. Our state-of-the-art facility, located in the heart of Los Angeles, is equipped with the latest technology to deliver exceptional quality in large format printing. Los Angeles businesses and individuals alike trust us for a wide range of large format printing needs—from banners and signs to custom fabric printing. Whether you're looking to make a big statement or need detailed, large-scale prints, we've got you covered.

From your first query to the final product, we ensure seamless communication, meticulous attention to detail, and unparalleled customer service. After all, your image is our business, and when it comes to large format printing, size truly does matter.

So, what are you waiting for? Let Design Printing super-size your brand today.


We offer multiple options for large format printing. Choose from Large Format Banners, Retractable Signs, Directional Signs, and so much more. Check out this Large Format Printing Backdrop which showcases how backdrops can make a grand impression in an event setting. Or use our services to wrap large items that will give your promotional campaigns a real punch Large Format Wrap - Promotional Branded Punching Bag.

  • Signs: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor. Utilize our large format printing for impactful Directional Signs, Posters, and Large Format Printing.

  • Wraps: Our large format vehicle wraps serve as a mobile billboard. Portfolio: Large Format Wrap - Promotional Branded Bag.

  • Foam3D™: Large format Foam3D™ adds an extra dimension to your marketing, making your promotional materials more engaging.

  • Foam-board Mounted Posters: These large format, lightweight yet durable options are perfect for trade shows and presentations. See our Large Format Signs and Posters portfolio.

  • Step and Repeats: Utilize our large format printing for step and repeats, a must for red carpet events or company parties where you want to feature your logo prominently.

  • Large Format Backgrounds: These set the stage for live events, webinars, or photo shoots, enhancing the atmosphere with professional large format prints.

  • Large Format Banner Printing: Large format, high-quality, eye-catching banners make an impact. Ideal for events, promotions, or advertising, our large format banner printing services are designed to impress. Check out some of our Large Format Banner Printing Portfolio.

  • Backlite Signs: Use large format backlite signs to light up your message or brand, making it stand out in any setting.

  • Fabric Printing: Our large format fabric printing is ideal for customized apparel or merchandise. Portfolio: Tablecloths, Covers.

  • Window Clings, Chair Clings, Decals, Labels, and More: Large format printing is perfect for seasonal promotions or temporary branding that can be easily applied and removed.

  • Tablecloths, Covers: Large format printed tablecloths and covers offer a polished look for any trade show or event.

  • Runners & Throws: Add extra flair on tables or podiums at events with large format printed runners and throws, making your brand more memorable.

  • A-Frame Signs: Large format A-frame signs are ideal for sidewalk advertising or wayfinding at events, offering high visibility.

  • Real Estate Signs: Boost visibility and professionalism with large format custom real estate signs. View our Real Estate Signs portfolio.

  • Flags: Large format flags are excellent for outdoor events or to make a bold statement; they are eye-catching and easy to set up.

  • Bumper Stickers: Utilize large format printing for bumper stickers, a classic yet effective mobile advertising tool.

  • Press Packets: Impress your media contacts with large format printed high-quality folders and inserts.

  • Draping: Large format printed draping provides an elegant backdrop for stages or booths at events, enhancing the aesthetic.

  • Magnetic Signs: Large format magnetic signs are quick and easy to apply or remove, offering branding flexibility.

  • Standups (Life Size Cutouts): Large format standups are an unforgettable promotional tool that captures attention.

  • Vehicle Magnets: Use large format vehicle magnets for a cost-effective mobile billboard.

  • Floor Displays: Maximize your retail space with large format floor displays that grab attention.

  • Packaging: Align your brand with environmental goals using large format custom packaging. More details: Green Printing.


Our state of the art Print Shop Equipment allows us to print your message on nearly every surface so you can make a strong impression. From aluminum, canvas, and wood to more specialized substrates like Foamcore, Cloroplast, and Gatorboard. Here are only a few of your choices we have at your disposal:

  • Aluminum: Ideal for outdoor signage and displays that need to withstand the elements.

  • Sandwich Boards: Often used for temporary advertising or directional signage at events and locations.

  • Tile: Customizable options perfect for decorative or commemorative pieces, often seen in murals or bespoke interior decor.

  • Canvas: Ideal for fine art reproductions or eye-catching, textured displays.

  • Wood: Offers a rustic look and is often used for signage and art pieces that aim to provide a natural aesthetic.

  • Plastic: A versatile option for banners, signs, and other promotional items where flexibility and durability are key.

  • Acrylic: Best for sophisticated, high-end signage and displays, especially effective when backlit.

  • Glass: Used for elegant, premium displays that offer a level of sophistication and permanence.

  • Foamcore: Excellent for lightweight displays and presentations; best suited for indoor use.

  • Cloroplast: Commonly used for yard signs and other short-term outdoor applications.

  • Fiberglass: A rugged, long-lasting material often used for outdoor signage requiring durability.

  • Vinyl: Highly versatile, used for everything from banners to vehicle wraps to window clings.

  • Fabric/Textile: Perfect for tablecloths, banners, flags, and drapery, offering a soft, versatile display medium.

  • Gatorboard: Known for its rigidity and durability, making it a popular choice for exhibition displays and point-of-sale stands.

These materials not only offer diverse aesthetic qualities but also serve various practical purposes tailored to your specific needs. From Health Care Safety Signage to Large promotional signs, choosing the right material significantly contributes to the success and impact of your project.


In the realm of Large Format Signs and Posters, Design Printing's commitment to quality and service is unparalleled. We utilize large presses for high-quality, high-quantity, and large size projects. Need specific types of signage like Directional Signs, Posters and Large Format Printing? We've got you covered. From Adhesive Vinyl Window Banner with UV Ink to Perforated Vinyl Banner with UV ink, our focus on detail is second to none.

If sustainability is important to you, our Green Printing policies are tailored to suit your needs. This includes everything from packaging, sleeves, tags, boxes, large format banners, signs, posters, floor decals, window clings, folders, and more.

Our Design Printing Green Policy is integrated into every step of our production process. We use printers that allow us to print short runs, long runs, large format, variable data formats for any quantities, reducing waste and overages.

Design Printing, your green partner®, is an award-winning Los Angeles printer specializing in green printing, packaging, multi-color offset, large format, signs and banners, digital, finishes, and binding. Excellent quality, customer service, with fast-turnaround and delivery including same day and next day turnaround.