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Introducing Design Printing’s Partnership with PrintReleaf

One of the biggest obstacles many people face when considering printing is the impact it will have on our forests and environment. PrintReleaf is offering a real-world solution to those very legitimate concerns: It's simple and direct and real.

You Print / We Plant

Our solution is that when you print, we plant. Trees, actual real trees, are planted in one of many forests across the world to replace the paper and cardboard used in your printing project. Through a formula from PrintReleaf, Design Printing calculates the numbers of trees to be planted based on the volume of the printing you do.  Then PrintReleaf has them planted in the forest of your choice.

Certified & Verified

As a channel partner, Design Printing works with PrintReleaf to track each tree that is planted and provides verification of the actual trees planted and we provide that information to you. You can then share your commitment to reforestation with your clients on your website, on your marketing materials and on the print work itself. Information about when and where the trees will be planted can be tracked via our Design Printing | PrintReleaf partner page.

Printing is Not Going Away

Despite promises of a paperless society, printing is here to stay. We need paper products and they don’t need to cause harm. The key will be to print smartly and responsibly. Design Printing and PrintReleaf help you do both. Be part of the future, be part of the reforestation that your work provides. Join today and Choose Green Printing options with for your print order.

Click on the image above to check out our latest stats on our PrintReleaf page!

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